The best way to transfer files between Android and iPhone with a very important feature for your phone

Always with explanations software very useful for users of various types of smart phones.
Today , the program is a rich wondershare company programs for thedefinition. And is a very important program for each of the users of the iPhone and Android phones alike. Through it you can transfer files from any phone to any phone. Including the symbian phones even. Plus it provides a very important feature needed by every person , especially when you think of selling the phone. If you do not even dwell on you more. I leave you with adirect explanation. And watch a fun and useful Otmanaha for all.

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Your phone display screen on the computer in HD and without Ruth and enjoy games has your phone on the PC + exclusive gift

However , the way the subject of this lesson is one of the best and most powerful ways to show mobile screen on the computer and the computer.Because it offers several very Raaaiah features. Among them the high - quality picture, and outstanding performance in the movement. In addition to beingyou do not need to be watered . And also it allows you to use either the usb Cable or Wi - Fi. The choice for you. What is the program theme of this lesson?And what are the gift mentioned in the title?. This is what you see me in this explanation. Vfaragh enjoyable and useful Otmanaha for all. And the official download link as usual , find the bottom of the video.

Link to download the program official page on Facebook the official link of thecompany
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Zuckerberg uses taped to protect itself from pirates

Image Mark Zuckerberg published on Tuesday showed a celebration skip the number of users of the service to share photos Anstagram of 500 million, it protects itself from hackers and spyware through the adhesive tape.
The revealed picture, published by the founder and CEO of Facebook Inc., the owner of the service Anstagram, he put duct tape on the laptop, camera, and another adhesive tape appeared on the microphone.
Zuckerberg appeared in the picture, which carries a framework of cardboard in the form of application Anstagram user interface, which highlights the number of users reached by the service, and a message of thanks to them.
Zuckerberg uses taped to protect itself from pirates
Some users have noted that the subject device on the desk beside him, who picked up the image of Zuckerberg contain adhesive tape on the camera and Almkervon, himself a private Bzocarperj device, as reported news site Gizmodo.
It is noteworthy that this method of privacy protection follow in abundance, especially among those who do not have any background in information and methods of protection from spyware and piracy security.
Also referred to as that Zuckerberg is not a high-only level that follow this method is personal, as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI James Comey said in April / May last he put taped on camera laptop, after he saw "the smartest people" puts this tape.
The service share photos Anstagram on Tuesday announced that the number of active users per month exceeded 500 million, more than 80% of them outside the United States, and that more than 300 million users entering Anstagram day, they publish a daily average of 95 million photos and videos, with more 4.2 billion from impressive.
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Facebook millions of dollars to organizations and celebrities paid for direct broadcasting then

It signed a Facebook company deals worth more than US $ 50 million with media companies and celebrities in exchange for broadcast video over the live broadcast of her, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal Service.
The newspaper reported on Tuesday, quoting a document that Facebook has signed nearly 140 deal with several media organizations, including the "CNN" Cnn, and the New York Times, Fox Media, and Machabl, and Huffington Post.
Among the celebrities who have signed up for Facebook deals with them, comedian Kevin Hart, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, in addition to others.
Said Justin Oossovski, vice president of global operations and media partnerships at Facebook: "We have a pilot program early relatively small number of partners who provide a wide range of content types from regions around the world."
Oossovski He added: "We wanted to invite a wide range of partners so we can get feedback from a variety of institutions about what works and what does not fit."
The Wall Street Journal that the document showed that the Facebook deal with the famous BuzzFeed site was the highest value of about 3.05 million US dollars, followed by the New York Times valued at $ 3.03 million and CNN valued at $ 2.5 million.
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Facebook and YouTube are working to block extremist videos automatically

Social networking Facebook network and video sharing platform YouTube using automated ways to remove extremist content from their positions began, according to a new report published by theReuters news agency .
Mounctan uses advanced technology that uses digital fingerprints to identify and remove videos of the organization Daesh and other similar content fingers.
The technology employed, which were used primarily to identify and remove content protected by copyright, a search for a unique kind of particles or digital fingerprints fingers and work to remove them.
The sources for the report that technology can be used to prevent re-publish content, which is not acceptable, but not to determine the radical new content.
The use of various social platforms to research techniques and automated deletion as a new step towards the elimination of propaganda circulating on the Internet which incite violence and growing terrorist attacks all over the world.
US President Barack Obama has requested in December / December last from the companies responsible for the social networking help networks in preventing terrorist attacks through the monitoring of the content contained hatred, as well as work to remove any word or content related to terrorist activities that appear on their sites.
It should be noted by both Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Microsoft in May / May last pledge of the European Union to work to reduce the calls for violence behavior and Msahtmanm to stop hate speech illegal and terrorist propaganda.
It is incumbent upon companies according to the new and pledged to do during the 24 hours to review all the complaints and reports that are sent to them on their sites which may contain hate speech.
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Facebook Messenger platform contains more than 11 thousand application of robotic Chat Bots chat

Facebook Inc. today published new statistics about the growth of robotic applications Chat Chat Bots within the platform messaging Facebook Messenger Messenger , as the announcement of thenew features related to the applications of robotic Chat Chat Bots.
According to the new statistics to the presence of more than 11 thousand application of robotic Chat Bots chat within Messenger ChatBot platform launched by the company in April / April last started.
The Messenger ChatBot platform is a set of tools geared for developers, which allows construction of mini-applications within an application Conversation famous Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger.
As it is called Chat Chat Bots robotic application name, which can be more speed and ease of communication between users and companies a way.
David Marcus was a corporate vice president in charge of management products Instant has pointed out in a post published through the official account in the month of May / May last to the presence of tens of thousands of developers working on the platform chat robotic applications.
The statistics there are more than 23 thousand developers have created accounts to take advantage of engine chat robotic platform application tools, which is a service for natural language processing for developers of Facebook.
And allow Facebook social network users now carry out an evaluation of robotic applications chat, by selecting the rate is between one and five stars and starlets writing reviews and opinion around them.
Marcus added that the ratings and reviews for all developers chat robotic applications through the panel their own control now appear in the site's developers network and via email.
The chat robotic applications developers to add many new features to their applications during the past six months, and in order to compete for users.
The applications can chat robotic, according to said David Marcus, is currently doing to send video clips, audio clips and animated GIF images and other files.
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Apple plans to provide the next iPhone with 2 GB of RAM

Apple plans to provide the next generation of smart phone iPhone random access memory of 2 GB, according to the transfer site , "Apple Insider" AppleInsider familiar described Bmoabed source.
And provide Apple provides smartphones with 1 GB of RAM, starting from her iPhone 5 which was launched in 2012.
A year earlier, provided Apple's third generation of her computer tablet iPad for the first time the memory of random access of 1 GB, so the company is expected to follow the same approach again, after supplying her computer tablet "iPad Air 2" last year by 2 GB of RAM , they may launch the next generation of iPhone phones the same capacity of memory.
The additional amount will allow the system to "EOS" operator for Apple computers smart company run tasks in the background RAM, and keep tabs open in Safari browser for longer without having to download them again or updated memory. But in return, it will affect battery life.
And the transfer site, "Apple Insider" from the same source that Apple plans to aggressively provide the phone "iPhone 6 S" and "iPhone 6 S-Pulse" technology "Apple handsome" Apple SIM, which also featured the first time with the computer "iPad Air 2".
And allow "Apple handsome" for consumers enrolled in portable data plans from a number of common telecom operators from the application settings directly without the need for long-term contracts or to switch provider at a time.
The site that if followed Apple's regular schedule for the launch of smart phones, it is expected that the curtain reveal "iPhone 6 S" and "iPhone 6 S Plus" in September / September, for Ttrhama for sale shortly after.
The site report in conjunction with the latest report  said that Apple has delayed its plans to start mass production of the model , which will come by measuring 12.9 inches from her computer tablet iPad to the month of September / September this year, due to the weakness of the ability to produce screens for this model.
The site "Apple Insider" may be the end of February last transfer to iPhone phones that Apple plans to launch this year will include other features found in other goods, such as in an hour , "Apple Watch , " "touch input with the dynamic force" feature, but this would not include multi - camera ,which was rumored recently system.
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Analyst of the market reveals the major characteristics of phone iPhone 6 S. expected

Analyst revealed to the market Hrkhala_i_arat KGI Securities forecast for most of the specifications that would bring, the next version of the iPhone phones produced by Apple that series, to be called the iPhone 6 phone feed iPhone 6S.
He explained market analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, which is known for its expectations with respect to the accuracy of Apple products, that the phone will feature a different design from previous versions in the iPhone phones, and external structure is made of different materials.
He stressed ku, during his expectations by in a note to clients of his company, that the new design of the phone and the materials used in its manufacture will make it resistant to the problem of bending when pressed, which appeared in both my Apple smartphones new, either iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
Apple also plans to provide a new color phone iPhone OS 6 next three traditional colors adopted in recent phones that they are golden color and black and white, while the new color will be pink gold.
This, market analyst said that Apple will provide a camera phone is expected background precisely 12 megapixels, and will rely on a new method to improve the quality of the user's voice on the telephone, by adding an additional microphone along with the main device speakers.
Apple also intends to integrate the Force Touch feature of the phone iPhone OS 6, a feature that revealed for the first time a few weeks ago with the latest in mobile Hawwasabha MacBook series, to increase the input methods of the device and add new features to it.
Ming-Chi Kuo said that the new feature that will provide the high sensitivity of the keystrokes of users on the touch screen, will provide phone features such as accurate support for the signing Profile when he had written by the user on the phone screen, said market analyst that Apple will use that advantage to open the areas to market the new phone strongly to users belonging to the category of business.
In the same context, market analyst predicted that Apple maintains on-screen measuring 4.7 inches, the phone iPhone OS 6 is expected, that put an extra copy the largest measuring 5.5-inch screen, carrying nominal suffix "Plus" Plus.
Kuo pointed out Apple is considering the possibility of supporting big-screen version, iPhone OS 6 Plus iPhone 6S plus, glass structure supported by sapphire glass, made by, where at the moment tests fall of the structure to determine the extent of the power to bear.
It is noteworthy that Apple may reveal new phones during the second half of this year, the phones that indicated in previous reports it will come A9 processor made by Samsung, and memory capacity of 2 GB random access.
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Apple provides the covers protecting the skin from silicon to new phones

كشفت أبل قبل قليل على هاتف "آي فون 6 S" 6S فون و "آي فون 6 S-نبض" آي فون 6S بالاضافة الى ذلك، كجزء من حدثها الخاص، الذي يقام حاليا في مدينة سان فرانسيسكو في الولايات المتحدة وحين يتعرض لالهاتفين أعلنت بعض إكسسوارات جديدة تغطي الخاصة بهم، وأبرزها حماية.

قدمت الشركة نوعين مختلفين من أغلفة جديدة والخلفية، ويتم حماية الهاتف آي فون 6S و iPhone 6S بالإضافة إلى النوع الأول من حالة الجلد جلد، ويتوفر في خمسة ألوان مختلفة، ليلة الأزرق والبني مشرق، البيج، البني، و الأسود، وهو مصنوع من الجلد الأوروبي، وحفر شعار أبل.

غطاء الحماية التي تتوافق مع بلدي 6S فون و6S فون بلس بالإضافة إلى التوافق مع الإصدار السابق من اي فون، اي فون 6 و iPhone 6 زائد، بسعر 45 $ للهاتف اي فون 6S و US $ 49 ل هاتف اي فون 6S زائد .

في النوع الثاني تأتي مصنوعة من السليكون القضية سيليكون، وهو متاح في أحد عشر لونا مختلفا، بما في ذلك الأحمر والأزرق والوردي والبرتقالي والأبيض والأسود، ويأتي غلاف الحماية التي تتوافق مع بلدي 6S اي فون و6S زائد بالإضافة إلى التوافق مع الإصدار السابق من theiPhone، أيضا، وبسعر 35 $ للهاتف اي فون 6S و الولايات المتحدة 39 $ للهاتف اي فون بلس 6S .

وقد سمح هذا التفاح هو أيضا الشحن قاعدة البيانات مع السابق اي فون اي فون البرق حوض الألوان الجديدة والمتوافقة مع الهواتف الشركة الجديدة، بحيث يمكن للمالكين فون 6S وزائد فون 6S باللون الوردي الحصول على قاعدة الشحن في نفس اللون لتتناسب مع لون من الهاتف، والتي يبلغ سعرها 49 $.

ومن الجدير بالذكر أن أبل كشفت في مؤتمرها هذا الكثير من الأشياء الجديدة، بما في ذلك الهواتف فون الجديد 6S و iPhone 6S زائد ، وكذلك آبل 2015 جهاز ، بالإضافة إلى الكمبيوتر اللوحي آي باد برو مع قلم خاص وعين أبل قلم رصاص ، و في جديدة أبل ساعة ووتش .
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Facebook allows video broadcast to devices Apple TV and Google Chrome Dreamcast

Announced Facebook Thursday about the possibility of providing broadcast videos through theApple TV platform in the Apple TV and Google 's Chrome devices Dreamcast Chromecast, so thatFacebook allows to broadcast videos located within the social network that the user wants to see itthrough different devices.
The network has now provided support for the platform Apple TV Apple TV along with others with the support of the feature AirPlay devices, as owners can Chrome Dreamcast hardware broadcast through the operating system "any OS" iOS or through a Web browser, on hardware that adds company the possibility of transmission of the operating system Android devices soon.
Users can who want to watch videos exist within Facebook through other devices pressing the "TV" icon TV located in the upper right corner and select the device which wants to broadcast it, as users can post and interact and comment over the phone or computer during viewing.
The user can broadcast all types of videos, including videos coming through the live broadcast of "Facebook Live" Facebook Live service, the process depends mainly on the mobile user's PC whether iPhone or iPad or Android device.
This is a daily consumption of more than 100 million hours of videos on Facebook, is regarded as a great privilege for the social network, especially in its war with rivals such as Twitter and YouTube.
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